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NY - NJ Cabling Installation

Cabling Installation Considerations

Cabling installation considerations that may affect the price of your quote and how we run the cabling. The more you can answer the better.

  1. Cabling installation type needed?
    1. Cat5E
    2. Cat6
    3. Cat6A
    4. Fiber Optic
      1. Single Mode
      2. Multi Mode
        1. What type of fiber connectors?
    5. Coax
      1. RG59
      2. RG6
      3. RG11
  2. Does the cabling installation need to be shielded?
    1. Usually only required if there is a lot of electrical interference in the area the cabling installation will run through.
  3. Does the color of the cabling, faceplates and jacks matter?
  4. The cabling installation requires how many locations?
  5. Is the cabling installation for one floor only?
  6. Type of cabling locations?
    1. Cubicles
      1. Usually requires a proprietary faceplate from the cubicle manufacturer.
    2. Office Walls
      1. Faceplate or Surface Mount box?
    3. Server Room Patch Panel
    4. Telco Room Punch Block
    5. Outdoor
      1. Aerial
      2. Direct Burial
  7. Approximate cabling installation distances?
  8. Will the cabling installation need to go through special access areas?
    1. Telco and Cable co. cabling sometimes runs through other tenants offices.
    2. Telco closets in public spaces are normally locked.
    3. IT rooms are normally locked.
  9. What type of building construction is there?
    1. Drop ceilings
    2. Attics
    3. Sheetrock
    4. Plaster
    5. Brick
    6. Concrete
  10. Conduit or Innerduct installation needed?
  11. Is a permit from the city required?
  12. Does the building management require the cabling installation to be Plenum (Fire) rated?
  13. Is the building Union labor only?
    1. Some buildings won’t allow non union labor.
  14. Does the building management require an insurance certificate before work can start?
    1. If so, they should have a template with all of their requirements.
  15. What type of Internet / Phone Service do you have?
    1. Cable Company
    2. FiOS
    3. DSL
    4. T1
      1. Will additional internet bandwidth be needed?
  16. Will additional infrastructure be needed?
    1. Switches
    2. Routers
    3. Patch Panels
    4. Racks / cabinets
    5. Phone Blocks
    6. Phone System
      1. Phone Ports
      2. Phone Lines from the Telco
      3. Phone Sets
  17.  Do you have a floor plan?
  18.  What’s your time frame?

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